Faculty/Staff Handbook

I. General Information

II. Faculty and Professional Staff Governance

III. UB Academic Policies

IV. UB Personnel Policies

V. SUNY: General Information

Site Index

I. University at Buffalo: General Information
I.A. Organizational Chart
I.B. University at Buffalo Council
I.C. University at Buffalo Foundation
I.D. Mission Statement
I.E. Faculty Responsibility: Policy and Process
I.F. Policies on Access to Information
I.G. Presidentís Statement on Political Fund-Raising
I.H. Policy on Smoke-Free Campus
I.I. Policy on Drug-Free Campus
IV. University at Buffalo Personnel Policies
IV.A.1. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy
IV.A.2. Presidentís Statement on Affirmative Action & Fostering Diversity
IV.B. Sexual Harassment Policy & Procedures
IV.C. Alert to Instructional Staff
IV.D. Statement of Principle on Access to University Facilities & Services by Outside Persons and Organizations
IV.E. Disclosure of Financial Interest
IV.F.1. Sabbatical Leaves
IV.F.2. Leaves Without Pay or with Partial Pay
IV.F.3. Sick Leave/Disability Benefits 
IV.F.4 Vacation
IV.F.5. Military Leave/Court Attendance
IV.G. Academic-Year Obligation
IV.H. Code of Ethics
IV.I. Compensation
IV.J. Holidays
IV.K. Snow Policy
II. Faculty and Professional Staff Governance
II.A. Bylaws of the Voting Faculty
II.B. Charter of the Faculty Senate
II.C. Standing Orders of the Faculty Senate
II.D. Constitution of the Professional Staff Senate
II.E. Bylaws of the Professional Staff Senate
II.F. Code of Ethics for the Professional Staff
II.G. Charter and Bylaws of the Graduate School
III. University at Buffalo Academic Policies
III.A. Policies, Procedures, and Criteria for Faculty Personnel Actions(including appointment , reappointment, promotion, and tenure)
III.A.1. Checklist for All Dossiers
III.A.2. Sample Format: Curriculum Vitae
III.B. Responsible Conduct in Intellectual and Creative Activity
III.C. Complaints Against Faculty
III.D. Disciplinary Procedures for Academic Infractions by Students
III.E. Faculty Teaching Responsibilities
III.F. Teaching Assessment and Improvement
III.G. Academic Standards
III.H. Undergraduate Grading Policy and Procedure
III.I. Graduate School Policies and Procedures Manual
III.J. Grading Procedures for Graduate School
V. SUNY: General Information
V.A.1. SUNY Board of Trustees - Members
V.A.2. SUNY Board of Trustees - Policies
V.B. Collective Bargaining Units and Contracts
V.C. Statement on Academic Freedom
V.D. Statement of Professional Responsibilities and Rights
V.E. Guidelines for Adjudicating Allegations of Unprofessional Conduct in Violation of the SUNY Statement of Professional Responsibilities and Rights
V.F. State and Federal Lobbying Disclosure Requirements
V.G. State Regulations Regarding Business and Professional Activities