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Area Offering Course Office of University Communications
Course Name Build a New Website Using the UB Content Management System (UBCMS)
Course Description In this course you will learn: - the various UBCMS roles, such as Viewer, Author, Publisher and Advanced Users - how to log in to the UBCMS - how to familiarize yourself with the UBCMS environment - the basics of creating Web pages in the UBCMS - the basics of editing and modifying Web pages Youll benefit by learning: - the basics of how to use the UBCMS Web interface - how to leverage available templates within the UBCMS - the basics of the various components within the UBCMS - shared content and tagging concepts
Presenter Daniel Arrasjid
Max Enrollment 12
Current Enrollment 12
Audience This course is intended for: - staff assigned to load content into the UBCMS - staff assigned to manage and maintain the website long-term
Date April 11, 2014 Time 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Contact Information
Contact Person Daniel Arrasjid
Phone Number 645-6153 Fax
320 Crofts Hall