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Letter from President Tripathi

Dear University Community:

The University at Buffalo is entrusted with significant resources. All university employees are responsible for safeguarding these resources, complying with laws and regulations, and meeting goals and objectives. Internal controls are an integral part of the university's daily operations and encompass all of the plans, policies, approaches, and efforts that assist employees in carrying out these responsibilities.

The New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit, and Internal Control Act requires State agencies to promote and practice effective, economical, and efficient business practices and integrity in State government. Consistent with the legislation, the University at Buffalo is committed to a management culture supportive of improving internal controls and implementing best practices.

As President, I want to affirm my support for a strong control environment that provides the discipline and structure needed for organizational and, ultimately, institutional success. Through good stewardship, we will be able to realize our vision of excellence and strengthen our impact and reach.

More information about the university's Internal Control Program is available on the Policy and Internal Control website at www.business.buffalo.edu/policy, or you may contact the University's Internal Control Coordinator, Pam lojacono, by telephone at 645-2505 or by email at plojacon@buffalo.edu.